Meet your copywriter…
It’s rare that my clients live anywhere near me, but it is nice for you to get to know who you’re hiring. So, let’s consider this our “virtual” meeting over java and I’ll try to fill you in on the things you’d ask if you were across the table.

What exactly do you do?

I am a professionally trained copywriter, specializing in direct response copy and I work primarily in the fundraising arena. That means if you need direct response copy for the web or direct mail, I can do that, no matter your target audience. If you need copy for fundraising, you’re really in luck, because I came to copywriting from the non-profit arena and understand better than most the relationship between supporters and their cause. An education in psychology, a Master’s degree in child development and years of experience working with families and volunteers combine to work on your behalf for copy with an edge you don’t find elsewhere.

What have you written already?

If we were together in person, I would whip out an ultra fancy leather portfolio about now and share with you all my colorful samples. But, in virtual meetings you’ll have to get techie and play the “click on the link” game to see my portfolio.

BUT WAIT! Before you go clicking away, allow me to give my little presentation I’d say as you flip through my portfolio pages & sum up my credentials. I’ve kept the portfolio page to just samples of my writing, so you won’t get this information there. (Oh, and my on-line writing samples are just the writing for a reason. Graphic designers are fun people to play with, but I want you to pay attention to the writing while you’re in my sandbox.)

Ahem, here’s my “Why you should hire me” elevator speech …

I trained with some of the best copywriters in the business to specifically learn direct response copywriting. (Insert name drop here – Bob Bly, author of a zillion books and guru in the direct response world, was one of my teachers.)

I have happy clients from across the country. I get used to keep track of the number of states, but the list got too long!

I’ve written fundraising copy for hospitals & healthcare organizations, animal shelters, veterans groups, religious causes, museums and many other terrific organizations. To name a few…the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, MADD, Guide Dogs for the Blind, CureSearch, Toys for Tots, C.O.P.S., New York City Ronald McDonald House, CHOP, Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network and many others. If you’re interested in specific types of samples, please contact me and I’ll get them to you ASAP.

In a nutshell, I make the words do the work you need done. If you need to inform, motivate, convince and get action, I can help.

Elevator’s to the top. Feel free to click to my portfolio or we can continue chatting…

What can you do for me?
Most importantly, before I write a word of copy, I listen to you. Every client is different and so is every project. While my skills as a copywriter transfer from project to project, it’s never acceptable to approach your project with the same outlook as the clients who came before you.

To accomplish that fresh vision, the next step is for me to ask lots of questions. Send me samples (the more the merrier), complain about what you disliked in the old copy and brag about what worked. Feel free to connect me with sources of information to interview - CEOs, board members, patients and their families, key volunteers and front line workers are all a wealth of information and insight. The closer you can get me to the core of your organization, the more effective your copy will be.

Then it’s time for the “handing it over stage” where it leaves your desk and lands on mine. You get to stop worrying. Really. If I have questions or suggestions about the direction of the copy, I’m not shy about asking. My clients enjoy getting copy that needs little or no revisions and when you’re happy, I’m happy. And, of course, your copy will be delivered on time. Iím simply not one of those creative types that thinks deadlines are for other people. You have timetables and deadlines of your own, so my goal is to make sure you have exactly what you need from me when you need it. Look forward to your copy being on target and on time!

What’s it going to cost me?
Hmmm… we all love this part, don’t we? Yes, there is a price for professional copy. But, it doesn’t have to break your budget. Let me know if you have a range or set fee budget you’re working from. I have general package prices, but like I said earlier, I treat every project individually. I also admit to being partial to particular causes and you just may get a break because the passion of the non-profit world is in my blood. And, every new client enjoys a special discount on their first package. Ready to chat? If you want a set time, let’s e-mail to set it up or just give me a buzz at 712-281-5623 whenever it works best for you..

What if I need more than copy?
A little consulting here and there comes with the copywriting territory. If you need help brainstorming new ideas or package angles, want a fresh set of eyes to review existing copy or just need a sounding board with expertise, feel free to contact me via phone or e-mail. Copywriting is just plain fun … kinda like kindergarten was and shouldn’t we all play well with others instead of running with scissors?

Can I be a happy client of The Write Answer?
Glad to hear you’re interested. Call anytime (712-281-5623) or e-mail Don’t worry about what time it is, either. I'm accustomed to communicating with folks in different time zones. Let me know what’s convenient for you.

Time to go, who’s paying the check?
Isn’t it great that when it’s a virtual meeting, we can avoid that awkward grapple over the check? But really, thanks for taking time to “meet” me. Let’s get together again soon. (Psssst! That’s your cue to call or e-mail now.)

Mary Guinane