It’s more than a slogan, it’s what I do. Copywriting is all about capturing the power of words and using them to convince, motivate and generate a specific reaction from your reader. Click here to read what clients have to say about my copywriting services.

Whether you need to touch a donor’s heart or sell a widget, words are the key to action. I’m here to help you be successful and make sure your target audience knows the what, why & how of responding to your message.

Sounding Board Services:
This is the service plan for new copywriters who want help getting started, entrepreneurs-to-be dreaming of their own business plans who want someone to bounce ideas off and the plan for all clients who want that confidential outside opinion.

If you’ve been churning a dream, an idea or just have a wild hair and want to get out of the wheel of indecision and take action, start here. Sounding board services are designed to custom fit your needs. Some people need a cheerleader, some need a drill sergeant and some just need a quick kick in the pants to be off and running! Customize the combination of consultation sessions you need to fit your personality, time and goals. Here’s what other mentoring clients have to say about their experience.

Consulting Services

Start small with the Baby Steps Plan
Purchase one-hour of consulting in advance and break it into the number of sessions that work best for you ~ One-60 minute session, 2-30 minute sessions or 3-20 minute phone calls: $120 for your total hour no matter how you customize it.

Take the big plunge with the Go For It Plan
Purchase in advance 3 or more hours of consulting, divide and schedule your time to fit your needs and receive a 15% discount. You must use at least 30 minutes of your consulting time each month or forfeit it. (Yes, that’s a blatant drill sergeant threat to keep you from getting side-tracked.)

Here’s an example of how to use your Go For It sessions:
Purchase 5 hours in advance and kick things off with a one-hour in-depth session. Use 30 minutes each week for the next month to keep regular tabs on your progress. Bump your sessions out to every other week as your goals start to become reality. Schedule a final one hour in-depth session to assess your successes, lay the ground work for more in the future and of course, celebrate!

Regular cost: $600
Go For It discount cost: $510

30 minute initial consultations are FREE to all new clients. Together, we’ll make sure your calls are lined up for maximum use of your time and faster progress to your goals.

It’s your choice … be where you want to be in a few weeks or still be right where you are now.

Mary Guinane